Men’s Events, Small Groups, Retreats, Parish Missions, Conferences & More!

  • Faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • Powerfully sharing the lives of Saints & Sinners in a compelling  way.
  • Gripping presentations, taking the audience on a journey.
  • A compelling testimony of how God saved him from pornography and rescued his family from the brink of divorce. 

About Joe McClane

Joe McClane - a powerful and dynamic Catholic speaker, radio host, documentary film maker, and author - has been working full time in Catholic evangelization since 2008, traveling across the USA and oversees lighting a fire in the hearts of thousands for Christ and His Church. Joe is the President of ChiRho Impact Media LLC, as well as the Director of Mission Development for the Guadalupe Radio Network, the largest EWTN radio affiliate in the USA. Catch Joe's Network-wide radio show, "GRN Alive," Monday's at 8 am central on the Guadalupe Radio Network.  Read more below.


Popular Topics Joe Speaks On

Evangelization & Motivation
Overcoming Pornography Addiction
Heroic Leadership
Masculine Spirituality
Marriage, Fatherhood & Family
Scriptural Apologetics

Some Past Events

Milwaukee Catholic Men’s Conference
Milwaukee Men of Christ Leadership Retreat
Charlotte Catholic Men’s Conference
San Antonio Catholic Men’s Conference
Guam Catholic Men’s Conference
Sacramento Catholic Men’s Conference
Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference
Worcester Catholic Men’s Lunch
Modesto Catholic Men’s Conference
Houston Catholic Men’s Conference
Cleveland Catholic Men’s Conference
Buffalo Catholic Men’s Conference
Amarillo Catholic Men’s Conference
New Hampshire Catholic Men’s Conference
Wyoming Catholic Men’s Retream
Lafayette Covenant Keepers Lunch
Into The Wild Retreats
Dripping Springs, TX Men’s Confernece
Parish Missions & Many MORE!

Mark Houck

Joe McClane is a great storyteller! The best speakers I know are great storytellers. Joe knows how to keep his audience engaged through poignant and relevant stories to the theme and points he is trying to convey. His ability to communicate a strong message through stories is a rare quality in speakers today. I highly recommend Joe McClane for any men’s conference, workshop, and evangelization program.

Mark Houck

Kevin OBrien

Whether delivering it in front of nearly 3,000 men at our annual conference or 50 at one of our leadership retreats, Joe’s passionate, deeply personal, brutally honest testimony goes straight to the hearts of our guys and leaves them pumped to embrace the cross and give their lives to Christ. Joe doesn’t just talk about transformation through repentance, grace and the pursuit of holiness, he lives it. Few speakers I’ve seen are as effective at inspiring men to do the same.

Kevin O’Brien
President – Men of Christ – Milwaukee Catholic Men’s Conference

Deacon Harold

Joe McClane is one of the most talented Catholic evangelists I have ever had the privilege of working with. His ability to captivate an audience while delivering a powerful message in truth and love is amazing. Joe’s passion will light up the room and challenge God’s people to grow in faith. If you’re looking for a top-notch speaker for your next event, look no further!

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

Stipend, Travel & Expenses

Stipend – Generally, for one-day events, Joe’s stipends have ranged between $750 and $2000 depending on size and scope of the event. This is negotiable, just ask, Joe is happy to make a deal to better help event organizers reach and transform souls for the Glory of God. Additionally, Joe likes to bring his books and audio CD sets to offer, for a small donation, to event attendees.  Want information on parish missions or multi-day events? Click the blue button below and let's discuss it!

T&E -  The event organizers are responsible to cover Joe’s travel and expenses to and from the event. Joe is happy to fly “coach” out of Bush International Airport in Houston, Tx. If necessary to keep costs down, Joe will also forgo a hotel room and stay in a home.

Audio & Video Recording – Joe gives the event organizers permission to record both audio and video of his presentations and do with them as they please. Joe will also record his talks for use on his website and future CD sets.

“Joe my brother… I wanted to tell you of the FIRE that was rising in the hearts of the brothers I met with after your talk. God used you! Praise Jesus our Lord and Savior. God Bless You and Your Family!” 

John – Cleveland Catholic Men’s Conference Committee Member

C.S. Lewis

Letter of Good Standing

Examples of talks Joe McClane has given

Joe specializes in men's events however, he has given many presentations to coed audiences, families with children of all ages, and non-Catholic audiences too.  Joe is a professional, dynamic, speaker and is more than capable of customizng a presentation to fit your needs. 

Leveraging the Masculine Genius, motivation for Christian men!

A Sinner's Conversion - saved from pornography and divorce!

Man Fully Alive - Awaken the man you were born to be!

Are Baptized Christians called to be martyrs?
Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe - A life of significance!

“It was a great blessing to have Joe speak at our Men’s Day of Faith Renewal. Joe is docile to The Holy Spirit and therefore powerfully convincing in sharing God’s mercy and call to conversion.  Men – get ready for the truth and what manhood is all about!”

Mike Allison, St. Mel Parish Sacramento, CA

C.S. Lewis


Joe McClane, known  as “The Catholic Hack,” is the Director of Mission Development for the Guadalupe Radio Network, the largest EWTN radio affiliate in the USA, and talk show host of “GRN Alive” on the Guadalupe Radio Network. He is also the President of ChiRho Impact Media, Executive Producer of "The Other Side of Fear: Facing the father wound," at LivingHisLife.net, and formally the Director and Events Coordinator for the Fullness Of Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries.

Joe is also the author of “Muscle Memory: Beating The Porn Temptation,” as well as the first chapter of “Delivered” published by Catholic Answers. 

In 2007, Joe started CatholicHack.com, where his motto is “to be the donkey Jesus rides today.” Through his work in podcasting, video production, blogging, speaking, and writing, Joe has shared and defended the Catholic faith with thousands around the globe. Joe was received into the Catholic Church at the Easter vigil of 1999, having converted from the Church of Christ, and married to his wife Michelle in September of 2000. They live in Houston with their six children and are parishioners of Annunciation Catholic Church. 

Working with Joe is easy!

  • Professional
  • Engaging
  • Delivers every time

Watch for FREE: "The Other Side of Fear: Facing the father wound," feature length documentary film at LivingHisLife.net. 

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