April 8, 2015


Stop Guessing, Start Growing!

One of our primary mission objectives is to help the "one-off" Catholic content creator grow their reach and impact for the Glory of God. Whether online or offline... social media, podcasting, speaking, writing, events and retreats or anywhere else... let's "Crush It" for the Kingdom.

About Joe McClane

Joe McClane, affectionately known online as “The Catholic Hack,” is the founder and President of ChiRho Impact Media, as well as the General Manger of KSHJ 1430 AM Catholic radio in Houston. Joe also hosts the weekly morning drive-time talk show (and podcast) “Evangelium Live” on the Guadalupe Radio Network every Monday morning at 8am (streamed live on FB & YouTube).

Prior to that, Joe was the Director and Events Coordinator for the Fullness Of Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries, planning and executing large apologetics conferences throughout Texas and Louisiana. He worked with the most dynamic and engaging Catholic speakers in the Church today. Names such as Dr. Scott Hahn, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Fr. Bill Casey, Fr. Donald Calloway, Johnnette Benkovic, Tim Staples, Patrick Madrid, Doug Barry, Steve Ray, and many more.

Additionally, Joe authored “Muscle Memory: Beating the Porn Temptation,” as well as the first chapter of “Delivered” published by Catholic Answers. In 2007, Joe started CatholicHack.com, where his motto is “to be the donkey Jesus rides today”, in an effort to leverage new media in the pursuit of evangelizing the world with the Good News. His podcast, “The Catholic Hack,” earned a five star rating, with 150 reviews on iTunes and enjoyed an average of five thousand downloads per week (yr. 2007-2009). He went on to co-host “Finding Your Keys” on Ave Maria Radio, produce the “Behold the Man” podcast (also distributed on several radio networks) before taking the position at the Guadalupe Radio Network.

Joe also has 11,370 followers on his personal Facebook page and 6,511 subscribers and 891,981 views across two of his YouTube channels. You can also find him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram as well.

His all-time favorite thing to do for the Lord is speaking… to all but especially to Catholic men. This ministry is truly near and dear to his heart. Joe has been blessed to travel and speak across the USA and halfway around the world at conferences, retreats, parishes, small groups and events of all kinds – professionally – since 2008. The topics he speaks most frequently on are on his own conversion story, how God saved him from pornography, leadership, evangelization, the masculine genius, ministry marketing and audience development.

Through his work in broadcasting, podcasting, video production, blogging, speaking, and writing, Joe has shared and defended the Catholic faith with thousands around the globe. Joe converted to the Catholic faith in 1999 and was married to his wife Michelle in 2000. They live in Houston with their six children and several pets.

  • Speaker

    Popular Catholic evangelist and mens speaker.

  • Broadcaster - Podcaster - YouTuber

    Host of "Evangelium Live" (radio & podcast), and producer of several YouTube channels.

  • Author - Evangelist

    Author of "Muscle Memory," and contributor to "Delivered."

“It was a great blessing to have Joe speak at our Men’s Day of Faith Renewal. Joe is docile to The Holy Spirit and therefore powerfully convincing in sharing God’s mercy and call to conversion. Men – get ready for the truth and what manhood is all about!”

Mike Allison
St. Mel Parish, Sacramento, CA
Book Joe to speak!Dynamic-Passionate-Engaging
“ I want to let you know that a lot of the guys are still talking about your presentation and would like to have you back in the future.”

John Ganzerla
St Martin Dr Porres, Dripping Springs, Tx.

How we work.

[dropcap]1[/dropcap] Our free services: We share our experience and expertise with other Catholic creators to help them grow their reach and impact for the Glory of God. We do this as a way of giving back. We do this primarily through our Kolbe Club Facebook group and related content. This content focuses on audience development strategies on and offline. Get connected.

[dropcap]2[/dropcap] Our paid services: We have two levels of paid services, all designed to dive deep into your brand/ministry, building your strategy and helping you achieve your goals. The first level is our one-on-one strategy sessions, or live video coaching calls and second is our managed services. If you need help with video/audio editing, transcriptions, video optimization posting and promotion, we can help. More services coming online soon. Get connected.

[dropcap]3[/dropcap] (Coming soon) Our Creator Academy, Imact U!: This is the insider membership area with, not just the back catalog of trainings, but also, the latest strategies that are helping our clients grow their reach and impact for the Glory of God.

Some of our specialties

  • YouTube Growth Strategies

    Stop guesing and start growing your YouTube channel. We leverage the power of audience development strategies to grow your community and drive traffic to your channel through suggested videos, browse features and off platform sources.

  • Facebook Video & Ads

    Like other social platforms, Facebook is alogrythim based which means we can use this grow our reach through both organic and paid traffic. Video is among the best opportunties for Catholic content creators and we can help you grow.

  • Podcasting

    The podcast segment is the fast growing segment among all the audio catagories. If you have not already, this is an excellant time to get started. We can help you start from scratch or grow an existing channel.

  • Audio/Video Production

    Editing your audio/video content can take tremendous time and precious resources. We can help, colaberating with you virtualy to turn your projects around quickly to meet your production schedule. This keep you focused on the vision and message!

  • Public Speaking

    Whether you are one now or just dream of being one in the near future, we can help you grow as a public speaker. We us brand grow strategies to build a sustainable modle around you, and your content, helping you book more speaking opportunities, bring home more income and further develop your craft.

  • Event Promotion

    Need help promoting an event and filling seats? We have been doing this for more than a decade with all types of events, large multi-thousand person events to smaller, more intament events both online and offline. We can help you plan and execute.

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