April 8, 2015


Let's start growing YOUR audience right now!

In this YouTube growth training, Joe McClane will share with you three foundational concepts plus three sneaky tactics to help you grow your audience on YouTube fast, enjoy!
Want more? Consider a strategy session!Diving deep on MORE than just YouTube- Learn More!

What can ChiRho Impact help you with?

Audience growth: YouTube, Social media, Podcasting, Radio Broadcasting, Public Speaking, Product Development, Promotion Campaigns & MUCH MORE!
We are audience development specialists, applying our knowledge of traditional and new media to help you grow your impact. Joe McClane, our founder, is an experienced audience development strategist with more than a decade working full time in Catholic evangelization. Since 2005, Joe has built large audiences through podcasts, large conferences, YouTube channels, radio broadcasting, writing, speaking and more. We focus on coaching, training and managing to help you achieve your media goals on any platform.
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Joe McClane, President of ChiRho Impact Media, his wife Michelle and their six children.

Sean McVeigh

Joe McClane has helped me grow my business through the tips and ideas he has provided me within the area of marketing and sales. In particular, he explained the benefit of starting and building a newsletter. After taking his suggestion, I began to work on that and after a few months, I have the newsletter up to 1,544 people (as of yesterday – with new people signing up daily). This has led to conversion for the sales and support of some of the other things I have to offer, and Joe is the one who helped me understand it all and who helped me get there. Special thanks to Joe for all he has done for me and others! God bless you Joe.

Sean McVeigh

Mark Houck

Joe McClane is a great storyteller! The best speakers I know are great storytellers. Joe knows how to keep his audience engaged through poignant and relevant stories to the theme and points he is trying to convey. His ability to communicate a strong message through stories is a rare quality in speakers today. I highly recommend Joe McClane for any men’s conference, workshop, and evangelization program.

Mark Houck

Brice Sokolowski

Joe has really helped me to understand how to approach audience development on YouTube from a strategic and CATHOLIC approach. He’s helped me to grow my channel and engage better with my viewers. His advice was incredible!

Brice Sokolowski

Kevin OBrien

Whether delivering it in front of nearly 3,000 men at our annual conference or 50 at one of our leadership retreats, Joe’s passionate, deeply personal, brutally honest testimony goes straight to the hearts of our guys and leaves them pumped to embrace the cross and give their lives to Christ. Joe doesn’t just talk about transformation through repentance, grace and the pursuit of holiness, he lives it. Few speakers I’ve seen are as effective at inspiring men to do the same.

Kevin O’Brien
President – Men of Christ – Milwaukee Catholic Men’s Conference

Alex Gotay

Joe McClane’s insight is invaluable! He has not only helped with strategizing and marketing but also to
think outside the box to reach as many souls as possible! He is a blessing!

Alex Gotay, MTh, MPhil, DMin.

James Berkon

Of the many evangelists, I have spoken with Joe McClane stands out as one of the very best. He is other-oriented, passionate, driven, kind, charitable and his constructive criticism picks you up and challenges you to become a better version of yourself for others. In a day of self-serving evangelization, Joe truly is “man for others” who has only one goal: Build the Kingdom for Christ so the world may once again be made anew. Do yourself a favor and get to know him! He will take your work, heart, and soul to places in your spiritual journey you never thought possible!

James Lane Berkon

Deacon Harold

Joe McClane is one of the most talented Catholic evangelists I have ever had the privilege of working with. His ability to captivate an audience while delivering a powerful message in truth and love is amazing. Joe’s passion will light up the room and challenge God’s people to grow in faith. If you’re looking for a top-notch speaker for your next event, look no further!

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

ChiRho Impact Media Services:

Strategy Sessions

Do you just need some "targeted" advice on how to grow your audience, reach and impact? This is PERFECT for you! Through interactive video calls we will evaluate your current strategy and give you the information you need to hit your goals.

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Brand Management

Are you at the point where you really need to pass off key functions so you can focus on the vision? This is PERFECT for you! We can manage many critical production, management, and promotion steps that will allow you to keep your eye on the prize.

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Impact U!

Want to dive deep into learning how to grow your audience, reach and impact? The Imact U is PERFECT for you! You will have access to video courses, community resources and all the latest trainings designed to continually keep you up to speed and growing!

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